Revival of the AvD Historic Marathon

Once more than 140 historic GTs and touring cars roamed the Nordschleife!
A small look back to 1965: Before the GP of Germany at the Nürburgring, where Jim Clark secured the world title ahead of Graham Hill, the touring cars – above all Hubert Hahne, balked. After the Grand Prix, apostrophized as the Rheinland-Pfalz-Prize, the GT fought their winners in three classes. In front Dieter Dechent, Jochen Neerpasch and Ben Pon and a new GT lap record with 9.16.0 by Udo Schütz. In 1990, this “accompanying music” celebrated joyful origins at the AvD-Oldtimer-GP with the Marathon 400 over three hours through the “green hell”. Internationally well staffed and with big names at the start – there was also a Walter Röhrl – not to be missed – this Friday event had made many friends. Much to the delight of the numerous audiences at the Nordschleife. At the 13th edition of this race there were many names that still  have a good sound in historical racing, such as the Counts of Wedel, Ortenburg and Oeynhausen, Dr.Alexander Kolb, Peter Oberndorfer, said Walter Röhrl, Martin Stretton, Jason Wright or Andrew Wolfe. In 2007 – of course with  Walter Röhrl, this time in a Porsche 356B – it was about the Huschke-von-Hanstein-Pokal. A magnificent starting field of 100 cars – and only  so many participants justify the enormous effort – thrilled the spectators, especially in the area of Brno. The last time this classic race was held in 2015 is back in the program of the OGP. For the friends of Historical Racing (FHR) a must.



 7 August 2020

There are 2 separate divisions to the starting line,, each division represents an overall winner.
Division 1: HTP vehicles up to 1976
Division 2: all NOT HTP vehicles up to My Year: 1995
Vehicles from 1989 to 1995 start by invitation only.

The Div.1 runs the Historic Marathon over a distance of 180 min.

The Div. 2 rides the Nürburgring-Trophy over 100 min.