FHR Jacket

High quality fleece jacket with many details

89,– €

Shipping 6,– €

The high-quality FHR jacket was individually manufactured in limited quantities. 
The jacket is made of two different materials, in the lower part is a breathable and light sweat fabric, in the upper part we have chosen a slightly firmer and moisture-protective fleece. The jacket also impresses with many small details, so the zippers are provided with an FHR logo on the zippers, a 3D patch was attached to the right sleeve and an FHR logo stick on the chest. The FHR logo was embossed on the back.


  • 3 zips with FHR zipper
  • 2 side pockets with zipper
  • Patch on right sleeve
  • Stick on the chest
  • Embossed logo on the back
  • “Historic Race” print on the front


Weekender made of anti-kleder with FHR embossing

65,– €

Shipping 6,– €

In this bag, the racing suit can be stored and transported in style. Alternatively, this bag can of course be used for weekend   utensils. A stylish appearance is always guaranteed.


  • Leather
  • High-quality inner lining
  • Large sturdy zipper
  • A zippered pocket inside
  • FHR logo embossing on the front

FHR document bag

Document bag made of anti-kleder with FHR embossing

45,– €

Shipping 6,– €

This document bag is the ideal storage location for your vehicle papers. The bag offers enough space for all vehicle papers, licenses and nominal documents. So you have everything at your fingertips at all times.


  • Leather
  • 2 outer pockets with zipper
  • Two sleeves for ballpoint pens
  • An inner pocket for plugging in
  • An inner pocket with zipper
  • FHR logo embossing on front


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